Friday, November 18, 2005

Google offers "advertise on this site" feature

Google offers "advertise on this site" feature

2 hours, 29 minutes ago

Web search leader Google Inc. is offering a new private-label feature that allows advertisers to sign up directly on Web sites where they wish to advertise, the company said on Friday.

The Mountain View, California-based company said the feature, known as Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, will help Web site publishers connect with a wider range of small advertisers when using Google's behind-the-scenes ad management system.

Previously, advertisers seeking to market on Web sites using Google's syndicated AdSense advertising system had to enroll through Google's AdWords program and list sites where they wished their ads to be featured.

The new feature ties site owners and advertisers more directly. In turn, site owners and Google each receive a cut resulting ad sales.

AdSense, which allows Web site publishers to run keyword text or image ads through a system managed by Google, has become a phenomenally popular way for sites to generate revenue from each ad clicked on by site visitors. Google receives 99 percent of its revenue from advertising sales.

The new feature is designed to allow Web sites to sign-up smaller advertisers while leaving the headaches of managing the production and billing process to Google's automated software.

Advertisers wishing to advertise directly on a Web sites using the syndicated Google advertising program can click on an "Advertise on This Site" link that takes them to a Google page where they can create an AdWords ad for the specific Web site.

Ads created through Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up will compete in the same auction as all other Google ads. The new feature is an extension of Google's site-targeted advertising, which was launched earlier this year.

More information on the onsite advertising program will be available at


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